Canada’s youth will be entering the world of work in a 
drastically changing economy. Will they be ready for the challenge? BYC strives to equip North Durham students with tools for success through Entrepreneurship Development programs and Employability Skills training. 

What can you do to help?

By being a sponsor, donor, and/or partner to BYC and our programming and events!

Youth will know that you support a community
that fosters the entrepreneurial spirit and are committed to building a vibrant local economy that includes young people.

Find out how!

By volunteering with us or joining us in a co-op, internship or practicum placement!

If you want to assist in one of our events, are looking for volunteer experience or hours, are looking to fulfill school requirements that include working with youth, or are in marketing, business or even teaching, let us help you with that!

Find out how!

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