Technology and Employability Skills Workshops

In thinking about future programming and the future of the economic market, there becomes a huge focus on technology and how someone presents themselves for the workforce. 

We provide workshops to eliminate the gap between youth in the upcoming economic market and the needed job skills for those jobs. 

Workshops include:

Workshops in online safety and protection of your personal information

Job Preparedness
Workshops including resume building, interview preparation and practice, job professionalism

Professional Skills 
Workshops in understanding online social media platforms, using analytics to benefit your business, using social media professionals, video conferencing platforms, the in’s and out’s of email, word, excel and powerpoint

Building an Online Business 
Workshops in building your business online, website development, working with online social media platforms and online services for your business

App Development
Workshops around coding, designing and marketing out social enterprise app

Personal Development 
Workshops in presentation skill building, and courses in gaining skills in mentorship

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