We are the NDYC!

“Just imagine what the world might look like without the evolutionary force of young people. If 45 year olds were responsible for making underground music. If language, clothes, footwear, games, popular opinions and ideas were all made by adults. 

Young people are a force of nature. Creative, full of potential, and energy. And most importantly, changing and morphing and becoming something new and powerful. Adapting to the current in one moment and creating new ones in the next. There are a million words to describe youth but right now, we want to talk about youth as leaders, planners, and partners. A force for progress. 

At its essence, youth engagement is about empowering youth as partners in making decisions about things that affect them.” 

What is youth engagement? | CYMH – ON

What is it about?

We want to give youth the opportunity to have a voice in North Durham – in their communities, on topics that matter to them. 

By creating a team of youth ambassadors on a North Durham Youth Council (NDYC), they will be able to work collectively to propose ideas and solutions to their municipal governments around community topics that affect them. They will have the chance to understand what their local councils can and cannot do within the community, use their voices to show their presence and contribute to their communities through civic engagement, and know that their ideas, thoughts, and opinions matter. They can  impact their communities. 

Can I join?

Of course! 

We are accepting youth between the ages of 12-29 from the Townships of Brock, Scugog and Uxbridge who are passionate about sharing ideas that will help the communities in which they live – for the current generation of youth and the future generations of youth. 

Interested? Send an email to Allison@YouthCapacity.ca

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